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What if Only ONE Cleaning Company in Cleveland, Ohio Guaranteed You’d Get Every Hour of Cleaning You Were Promised… Or it’s FREE!

Check Out Time To Clean’s Exclusive “FULL Value Promise” which Guarantees You’ll Get All the Hours You Were Promised EACH Week…

Or That Week is FREE!

Dear Office Manager,

This is Bernie Mamich from Time To Clean, LLC. Have you ever noticed how so many cleaning companies start off great – that’s right, promising “perfect cleaning” but end up delivering a lot less. Well, after years of hearing stories from prospects how they were “burned” by one janitorial business after another, who simply ended up emptying the trash, running the vacuum around and putting out some t.p., because they weren’t getting anywhere near the number of people or hours of cleaning they were promised??!

I got so sick of the “black-eye” these outfits were giving our industry – I decided to do something about it! We put in place a tireless “Cleaning Time Monitoring Service” so building owners and managers could finally relax knowing their building would always look great because they’d always get what they paid for!!

Here’s what Diane Nienal from Nienal Shoes, Inc. had to say about our “Cleaning Time Monitoring Service” and “Full Value Promise”…

“I finally got off the ‘roller-coaster’ that all my previous cleaning contractors forced me to put up with! The system Time To Clean uses gave me the two things I wanted: 1. A clean building, and 2. Unlike the rest, these guys give me my FULL Value – that’s right, all the hours of cleaning they promised NOT just the 1st week… but EVERY week!”

Would you like to get off the expensive roller-coaster Diane talked about too?  Would you like to get a building that looks as great EVERY week as it did week 1?

Enjoy the Quality & Peace of Mind that comes with “Time To Clean’s FULL VALUE PROMISE!” You’ll get ALL the cleaning hours you were promised EACH week – or, that week is FREE!!

Call me, Bernie, at (330) 998-0111 to put together a custom cleaning proposal for you, and I’ll give you an incredibly handy Building Measurement Report absolutely FREE – Customers say it’s so handy, they pull it out and use it a lot! Just mention the PROMO-CODE “REPORT”.

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